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ABV 4.8%
This beautifully balanced pale ale is loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops providing massive amounts of tropical fruit with a clean finish. - Available
ABV 4.2%
Golden / Amber
A tasty golden bitter, with an ABV that makes it sessionable yet full bodied, and hops which give enough flavour to be tasty but not overwhelming. The moderate biscuity malt profile balances out the hops and softens off the finish. Gluten free. - Available
Mosaic 586 (F165)
ABV 4.3%
This cask pale ale is bursting with juicy tropical flavours from the blend of HBC 586 and Mosaic hops, creating a refreshing and easy-drinking beer perfect for any occasion. Vegan friendly. - Available
ABV 4.4%
Brewed to celebrate 15 years of in the industry, this gorgeous pale ale was brewed using a combination of all our team's favourite hops. All three hop varieties were blended together at each stage of hop addition, the result being lovely soft fruit aromas, a solid but not overtly intense bitterness, with lots of orange and lemon zesty flavours. Hops used: Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial, and then we couldn't help but pop in some T90 Citra for that extra aroma at the end! - Available
Baltic Porter
ABV 6%
A carefully selected array of specialty malts come together in this wonderful ode to the Baltic Porter. Cold fermented and imperturbably lagered. Crisp, smooth and easy drinking with hints of dark fruit and liquorice finishing on a delightful burnt caramel bitterness. Collaboration with Cafe Beermoth in Manchester. - Available
Brett Centennial
ABV 3.6%
Someone once described the job of the brewer is to let the yeast do its job and in this case it has done magnificently. Primary fermentation with our house yeast then inoculated with a strain of Brettanomyces that develops flavours of cantaloupe melon and lychees. Vegan friendly. - Available
Freyja Pale
ABV 3.8%
Using Odin as a base, we've stepped it up by heavily dry hopping it in the FV with Amarillo and Citra pellets (the same hops we use in the boil) to super enhance what you already love about about the beer. Try them side by side to see the difference made by dry hopping and lower filtration. This one is hazy, the Odin is bright and clear. Gluten free and vegan friendly. - Available
Apple & Blackberry
ABV 4%
Expertly blended crisp Somerset cider with apple and blackberry juice. Conjuring memories of apple and blackberry crumbles. - Available