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26 Richmond St, Manchester M1 3NB

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Regulus - 5.5% - Copper / Red / Brown
An ESB displaying a perfect balance between the toasty malt flavour and earthy aromas which leads to a pleasant bitter finish. - Available
Maverick - 4.8% - Golden / Amber
An easy drinking, delicious IPA brewed with 100% American hops. Lightly caramelised malts provide the central core to the 4.8% malt bill, but the American Cascade is the main attraction bringing bold grapefruit and floral aromas to the beer, which finishes with a clean, refreshing bitterness. Gluten free and vegan friendly. - Available
Son Of A Biscuit - 4.4% - Golden / Amber
Amber with a rich, smooth muscovado sugar and malt flavour. Long, mellow, rummy finish with malt sweetness and fruitiness. - Available
Sleepless - 5.4% - Golden / Amber
This American style amber ale made with red Rye and generously hopped with Nelson, Galaxy and Amarillo to give lush tropical fruit flavours over a rich malt body and a long satisfying bitter finish. - Available
Shameless - 5.9% - Golden / Amber
A gloriously hoppy beer; tropical fruit and a clean grapefruit finish from Citra, Columbus, Nelson and Simcoe hops. - Available
Continuous IPA NZ - 5.2% - Golden / Amber
Continuously hopped throughout the boil with Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops then dry hopped with Nelson and Nectaron. This vibrant West Coast style IPA is packed full with flavours of cantaloupe melon and kiwi with a resinous pine finish. Heavy on IBUs and heavy on nostalgia. - Available
Tetrao - 6.5% - Golden / Amber
A smooth and juicy New England IPA made with Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Citra Cryo. Tetrao is full of stone fruit vibes, hoppy goodness and deliciousness. - Available
Corvus - 7.4% - Dark
A deep, multi-layered stout. Eight malts go into making the full bodied stout, with a slight dry hop of Sorachi to give a peppery floweriness that compliments the beer so well. - Available

Coming Soon

Smoked Best Bitter (F171) - 4.1% - Copper / Red / Brown
A carefully crafted blend of smoked, crystal, chocolate, and spelt malts harmoniously come together in this best bitter. Golden brown in colour, caramel and fruity notes play under a delicate smoky veil demanding you savour every sip. - Coming Soon
1924 - 4% - Golden / Amber
A powerful, well balanced amber bitter using Cascade and Magnum hops with a fruity malty taste. - Coming Soon
Onyx - 5% - Dark
This stout is smooth and easy drinking with biscuit/nut/subtle coffee flavours, with a hint of vanilla. - Coming Soon
Reflection - 4.8% - Golden / Amber
A hoppy and refreshing golden ale brewed with Simcoe and Loral hops. - Coming Soon
Heartfelt Escapism - 3.9% - Pale
Big Trip
Packed full of hops, our latest DDH hazy pale session presents tropical aromas akin to freshly opened packets of fruit pastilles (that moment when you pull back the silver foil!) with brief moments of pine. Big flavours follow to the palate with intense fruit notes of zesty lime, juicy apricots and freshly sliced grapefruit. Gentle bitter lime back-notes join the clean finish to this well balanced repeat pint session. Simcoe & Moutere hops centre stage! - Coming Soon
Runaround - 5.2% - Pale
Weekend Project
Zesty and juicy pale ale with a super clean, fresh finish. Simcoe shows off with a bit of dank goodness in the background. Our latest yeast blend sees us make some real progress with a very clean, juicy body and a very crisp and clean finish. - Coming Soon
Deathtrap De Lorean - 4.4% - Pale
Big Trip
Super-charged tropical flavours all the way from our latest session NEIPA. Citrus and candied pineapple aromas greet the nose, while the soft and silky mouthfeel is driven forward with big flavours reminiscent of juicy canned pineapple rings, subtle moist grapefruit with hints of coconut and citrus zest. Finishes clean with further deep tropical back-notes. Hops: Talus and Bru-1. - Coming Soon
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